"Miss Evita", Philipphines

Argentina, Postal Stationery Issues 1876-1903

93 G+SP

B.J.E.Scott, New Zealand

Australian Pre-Printed Envelopes of the GeorgV era. 1913-38

79 LS

M.Horton, New Zealand

Commonwealth of Australia Envelopes 1913-37

85 LV

M.Diserio, Australia

The Pre-Decimal postal Wrappers of Australia

84 V + F

M.Blinman, Australia

Postal Stationery of New South Wales

81 V

A.R.Butler, United Kingdom

Queensland Post Cards, Reply Paid Cards, Letter Cards and Newspaper Wrappers

85 LV

N.Eustis, Australia

South Australian Postal Stationery

93 G

W.E.Tinsley, U.S.A.

Tasmania Postal Stationery

88 LV

C.Stieg, U.S.A.

Victoria Postal Stationery

91 G+SP

V. Vána, Czech Republic

Postal Stationery of the Austrian Empire 1854-1883

79 LS

C. & A.M.Goldschmidt, Bolivia

Postal Stationery of Bolivia

84 V

J.Meiffert, Germany

Postal Stationery of Brazil 1867-1948

82 V

W.Y.D.Chen, Brazil

Brazil Empire: Postal Stationery 1867-1889

66 SB

I.McMahon, Australia

Postal Stationery of Canada

75 LS

C.Guile, Canada

Registered Postal Stationery Cards

67 SB

R.B.Nilsson, Sweden

Ceylon Postal Stationery 1857-1901

80 V

R.Towle, U.S.A.

Chile Postal Cards and Envelopes 1872-1929

88 LV

D.Palmer, Chile

Chilean Postal Stationery including Proofs, Specimens and Errors

87 LV

Ma Youzhang, China

China Postal Cards 1912-1935

78 LS

Liu Guangshi, China

P.R.China: Period of Old RMB and Local Currency

82 V

Wang Huailiang, China

Tian An Men Design Pre-Stamped Envelope (1956-1963)

84 V

J.Reinoso Leon, Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Postal Stationery of Nineteenth Century

72 S

C.Menelaou, Cyprus

Cyprus Postal Stationery 1880 - 1960

83 V

"Gute", Sweden

Danish West Indies Postal Stationery 1877 - 1902

82 V

Erik Hvidberg Hansen, Denmark

Postal Stationery of Denmark 1865 - 1920

90 G

D.Chiong, Philipphines

Egypt Postal Stationery Issues

86 LV+SP

R.Milad Hannalla

Egyptian Stationery

75 LS

D.Chiong, Philipphines

El Salvador Postal Stationery Issues 1882 - 1899

90 G

K.Rahiala, Finland

Finnish Postal Stationery 1891

85 LV

K.Aro, U.S.A.

Postal Cards of Finland 1871 - 86.

82 V

A.Candoni, France

France: Postak Stationeries of the Sage type

84 V

R.Mensendiek, Germany

Heligoland Postal Stationery

82 V

H.Denke, Germany

Postal Stationery of German Occupation during WW I, 1914 - 18.

89 LV +SP

K-H.Dimnik, Germany

Postal Stationery of the Four Occupation Zones in Germany 1945-49

91 G + SP

R.Goldschagg, Germany

Postal Stationery of the Grand Duchy of Baden

85 LV

H.Grüneberg, Germany

Postal Stationery of the Soviet Occupation Zone of Germany - Precursors

85 LV

N.Zafirakopoulos, Greece

Greece 1876 - 1920

80 V

Dr. T.Somogyi, Hungary

Hungarian Postal Stationery 1871 - 1944

75 LS

H. von Strokirch, Australia

Icelandic Postal Cards

88 LV

R. Nelwan, Indonesia

Indonesia Postal Stationery 1935 - 1995

75 LS

R.Nelwan, Indonesia

Dutch East Indies Postal Stationery 1874 - 1949

80 V

F.X.Kurnadi, Indonesia

Netherlands Indies Postal Stationery

75 LS

J.Nishimura, Japan

Hand Engraved Postal Cards of Japan

86 LV

Jeong Jong-Hyun, Rep. of Korea

Korean Postal Cards 1900 - 1953

86 LV

D.Fuller, Australia

Leeward Islands Postal Stationery QV to KGVI

91 G + SP

M.Y.Corapcioglu, U.S.A.

Postal Stationery of the Foreign Post Offices in the Levant

80 V

H.Mueller, Germany

Liechtenstein Postal Stationery

80 V

R.D.Samuel, New Zealand

New Zealand Embossed Postal Stationery 1900 - 1953

90 G + SP

S.D.Schumann, U.S.A.

New Zealand Postal Stationery 1876 b- 1936

88 LV

Paul H. Jensen, Norway

Postal Stationery of Norway in the Posthorn type 1872 - 1924

88 LV

J.M.dos S.Pereira, Portugal

King Manuel II Postal Stationery Scecialised Collection

85 LV

M.A.Coutinho, Portugal

Ceres: Postal Stationery of Portugal

88 LV

H.Carmelo de Matos, Portugal

Study of D.Carlos I Postal Stationery

83 V

A.Ryss, Russia

Charitable Letters of Russia with Announcements of the Society of St. Eugene

90 G + SP

T.T.Arvelin, Finland

Advertising and propaganda Issues - Postal Cards in the Soviet Union 1926 - 1934

81 V

"Augustine", Singapora

Singapore Air Letters

70 S

J.M.Rodriguez, Spain

Official and Private Postal Stationery of Spain

85 LV

G.Baschwitz Gomez, Spain

Spain: Postal Stationery Printed to Private and Official Order

92 G

G.Baschwitz Gomez, Spain

Spain: Postal Entires for General Use 1873 - 1934

86 LV

H.F.Stone, U.S.A.

Switzerlands Stamp-Imprented Envelopes: Federal Issues in Use 1867-1924

83 V

R.A.Ramkissoon, U.S.A.

Postal Stationery of Trinidad and Tobago 1879 - 1918

90 G

S.Dayan, Turkey

Postal Stationery of the Ottoman Empire


M.Josipovic, Yugoslavia

Postal Stationery of Yoguslavia 1945-1965

77 LS

J.B.Trowbridge, Australia

Zanzibar Postal Stationery: Postal Cards, Reply Cards, Envelopes, Registered 1888 - 1964

78 LS

J.C.Mira, Uruguay

Uruguay Postal Stationery

74 S





Jean Beacher, Franse

Postal stationery of France

G  90

Lionel Barriquand, France

"Lemagny" type postal stationery

LS 75

Alain Candoni, France

France: "Sage" type postal stationery

G  90

Bernard Lavigne, France

French pneumatic postal stationery

V  80

Gerad Pottier, France

"Mouchon" type postal stationery

V  80

Gerad Supot, France

French "Sage" type postal stationery

LS 75

Rainer von Scharpen, Germany

Former French Colonies Postal Stationery

LV 87

Mohamed Arif Balagamwala, Pakistan

Indian Postal Stationery 1947 - 49

V  82

Edric Druce, Australia

Aden Postal Stationery

V  84

John A Sinfeld, Australia

Australia postal cards until 1959

G  94 + SP

Bjorn Sohrne, Sweden

Persia postal Stationery 1850 - 1920

G  90

Leo Crandel, Netherlands

Postage cards of the Oranje Free State

LV 88

Ketcho Hagopian, Egypt

Egyptian Postal Stationery 1880 - 1925

G  90

"GUTE", Sweden

Danish West Indies postal stationery 1877 - 1902

LV 86

Edgar Kuphal, Germany

USA Pictorial issue 1869


Javier Mendez, Bolivia

The Chaco War

V  80

Derek Palmer, Chile

Chilean Postal Stationery including essays, proofs and errors

LV 86

Juan Reinso, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Postal Stationery in the 19th Century

S   71

Aldo Salvatteci, Peru

Peru Postal Stationery

S   71

Tima Bergholm, Finland

The first period of the Russian stationery 1848-1863

LS 75

Horst Denke, Germany

German Reich special use of the administartive franking marks on postal stationery and postcards

LS 75

Jose Manuel dos Santos Pereira, Portugal

King Manuel II Postal Stationery, specialized collection

LV 88

Jacques Hontebeyrie, France

Postal Stationery from the Principality de Monaco

V  81

Alan Huggins, Great Britain

Great-Britain stamped to order postal stationery 1855-1901

G  94 + SP

Jean-Francois Logette, France

Hermes large head type postal stationery from Greece 1876-1894

S  72

Goran Nykvist, Finland

Finland postal stationery on covers 1845-1884

LG 95 + SP

Spas Panchev, Bulgaria

Everything about Bulgaria until 1900

LS  75

Sigurdur Petursson, Iceland

Iceland postal stationery 1879 - 1920 - postal cards

LV 85

Pedro Vaz Pereira, Portugal

Ceres stamps:postal stationery

LV 88

Germaine Villard, Switzerland

Swiss newspaper wrappers

V   80





M Broniec, Poland

Gansachen Fremder Postvervaltungen in Poland Gebieten

LV 85

V Xhitomi, Albania

Postal Stationery of Albania 1913 - 34

S   71

Zafirakopoulus, Greece

Greece 1876 1920

LV 86

G Gomez, Spain

Entiros dos Postales de Uso General 1873 - 1934

G  92

Pereira Santos, Portugal

King Manuel 11 - PS specialised collection

LV 88

S Panchev, Bulgaria

Postcards in Bulgaria 1879 - 1900

V  80

A Ilyushin, Russia

Stamped Covers of Russia

V  80

N Lubicic, Yougoslavia

Postal stationery of Serbia

LV 88

E Savoia, Roumania

1st Roumanian PS 1873-83 period

LS 78

C Menelaou, Cyprus

Cyprus PS 1880 - 1960