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Telephone receipt.

Austria. 1889.


Tax collection form. Hungary. 1884. 2 kr. + 2 kr.

The top two sections was filled out by the tax office with the pertinent information about the type of tax due, its sum and, naturally, the applicable interest penalty. The text concluded with the tax office's admonition to the addressee about the legal consequences of non-compliance with the payment of the assessment. The bottom one-third of the form (Vtbizonytvny = Proof of Receipt) was to be signed by the addressee upon receipt of the notification. This portion was then separated from the form and returned to the tax office as proof of delivery. The top two-thirds of the form was retained by the delinquent taxpayer.

The D on the bottom section indicates this form was used by the Royal Hungarian Central Office for Establishing Fees and Documentary Revenue Rates (Magy. kir. kzponti dj- s illetkszabsi hivatal).


Telegraph receipt.

Austria. 1916. 10h.