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The Postal Stationery Commission Meeting 2012

Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta Convention Center
Friday 22 June 2012 10.30 am-12.30 am

The 2012 Postal Stationery Commission Meeting was held 22 June 2012 in conjunction with the FIP exhibition Indonesia 2012 in Jakarta.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Stephen D. Schumann at 10:30 am and he welcomed all Delegates and Observers.

A total of 32 Delegates and 22 Observers were present.

Present from the Bureau were Chairman Stephen D. Schumann (USA), Secretary Lars Engelbrecht (Denmark) and Bureau member Michael Ho (Chinese Taipei) and Ian McMahon (Australia). Also present was FIP Director Bernard Beston who is responsible for the commission.

Apologies for absence had been received from Cesar Jones, Mike Smith, Ray Todd, Erik Hvidberg, Georges Schild, Hernâni Matos and Alan Huggins.

The minutes of the Postal Stationery Commission meeting in Portugal were presented for approval. They were approved unanimously.

Then the suggestion for an update of the guidelines was presented for approval. It was approved unanimously and will be presented for the FIP Board for final approval.

National activities were noted by the following countries: US, Sweden, China, Bolivia, Pakistan, Chinese Taipei, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Poland, Canada, Switzerland, Russia, Montenegro and Serbia.

The election for the period 2012-2016 was then held and since the candidates were unopposed they were all elected unanimously.

Chairman:  Lars Engelbrecht (Denmark)

Secretary: Ian McMahon (Australia)

Bureau Members: Cesar Jones (Uruguay), Ajeet Singhee (India), Michael Smith (UK)

Additionally the chairman can appoint two more members.

The new Chairman, Lars Engelbrecht, thanked the outgoing members of the bureau: Steve Schumann, Michael Ho, Georges Schild and Hernâni Matos for their contributions. A special thank was given to Steve Schumann for his work in the past 8 years as Chairman. Steve Schumann was made an honorary member of the Commission.

Then Lars Engelbrecht presented the three focus areas for the new bureau:

  • We will support the attraction of more collectors and exhibitors into the world of postal stationery
  • We will support the improvement of postal stationery exhibits
  • We will support the training of jurors in order to ensure precise and fair judging of exhibits

And also six projects for the next four years were presented:

Project 1: Communication

Project 2: Is this postal stationery?

Project 3: Article Series: Attracting collectors and exhibitors

Project 4: Cooperation with the specialized PS societies

Project 5: Seminars & Presentations

Project 6: Exhibiting leaflet

Finally Ross Towle (USA) made a presentation on "Is it postal stationery?". This presentation raised several questions regarding whether if certain items can be considered postal stationery, which shows the importance of project 2. Also the question on postal historic focus in a postal stationery exhibit was raised.

The Postal Stationery Commission meeting was adjourned at 12:00 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Lars Engelbrecht (Denmark)

Commission Meeting at Portugal 2010

The 2010 Postal Stationery Commission Meeting was held 7 October 2010 in conjunction with the FIP exhibition Portugal 2010 in Lisbon.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Stephen D. Schumann at 2:30 pm and he welcomed all Delegates and Observers.

A total of 23 Delegates and 24 Observers were present.

Present from the Bureau were Chairman Stephen D. Schumann (USA), Secretary Lars Engelbrecht (Denmark) and Bureau members Michael Ho (Chinese Taipei) and Georges Schild (Switzerland). Also present was FIP Vice President Raymond Todd as responsible for the commission, who has done outstanding work with the commission members for the past 8 years.

Apologies for absence had been received from Ian MacMahon, Hernani Matos, Erik Hvidberg and Alan Huggins.

The minutes of the Postal Stationery Commission meeting in Bucharest were presented for approval. Alexandro Agostosi (Italy) moved and Pedro Meri (Venezuela) seconded that they be approved.  It was approved unanimously.

Then the suggestion for an update of the guidelines was presented by Lars Engelbrecht and discussed. There were many good discussions on the definition of postal stationery and whether specific types of postal material is to be regarded as postal stationery or not. All delegates were asked to hand in suggestions before the end of 2010.

The seminar part of the meeting was started by a presentation by Lars Engelbrecht on judging postal stationery. Two interesting exhibits were judged as an exercise: "Brazilian Postal Cards 1880-1920" and "Czechoslovakia – Double Post Cards in Postal Use from 1918 to 1939".  This resulted in good discussions on postal history focus or focus on the postal stationery itself.

The Postal Stationery Commission meeting was adjourned at 5:00 PM.

Immediately afterward the Bureau members met and unanimously voted to make Raymond Todd an Honorary Member of the Commission in recognition of his many years of invaluable advice, council and support of the Postal Stationery Commission.

Respectfully submitted,

Lars Engelbrecht (Denmark)


The Postal Stationery Commission Meeting 2008

The commission meeting and seminar was held in Bucharest on 26 June 2008 together with the EFIRO exhibition.

The meeting was called to order by Stephen Schumann at 8.30 am and he welcomed all Delegates and Observers. In total 14 delegates and 17 observers (8 with proxies) were present.

Present from the Bureau were Chairman Stephen D. Schumann (USA) and bureau members Michael Ho (Chinese Taipei), Erique Bialikamien (Costa Rica), Georges Schild (Switzerland) and Ian McMahon (Australia). From the FIP Board Raymond Todd (Australia) and Peter McCann (USA) were present. Lars Engelbrecht (Denmark) was elected secretary pro-tempore.

The minutes of the Postal Stationery Commission meeting in Malaga 2006 were presented for approval with one change: It was Lars Engelbrecht (Denmark) who made the first presentation in Malaga. With this change Mr. J.J. Danielski (Canada) moved and Ari Muhonen (Finland) seconded that they be approved. It was approved unanimously.

The approval of the report on activities 2007-08 was moved by Malcolm Hammersley (Hong Kong) and seconded by Max Plantinga (Netherlands). It was approved unanimously.

An apology of absence from Erik Hvidberg Hansen was read by Raymond Todd (FIP). Because of health problems Erik cannot continue his work in the commission and bureau. Raymond Todd acknowledged Eriks valuable work in the bureau, and moved - with Stephen D. Schumann as seconder - that Erik was appointed honorary member of the commission after his 16 years in the bureau. It was approved unanimously.

The election for the period 2008-2012 was then held and the following were elected:

Chairman: Stephen D. Schumann (USA)
Secretary: Lars Engelbrecht (Denmark)

Bureau Members:
Cesar Jones (Uruguay)
Michael Ho (Chinese Taipei)
Georges Schild (Switzerland)

Additionally the chairman appointed Ian McMahon (Australia) for the bureau and the chairman can appoint one more.

Before the seminar Chairman Stephen D. Schumann made a remark on his observations at the exhibitions in both Israel and Romania: Many postal stationery exhibits seems to be oriented towards the usage and postal history and not the postal stationery itself. It was pointed out that descriptions in postal stationery exhibits should always start with the postal stationery and after that usages and rates can be described. The postal history can complement the descriptions but not overwhelm it.

Then followed three excellent presentations:

Ian McMahon: "Australian non-denominated stationery". Ian showed examples of the big variety of postal stationery that has been issued in Australia in the last years. The golden age of postal stationery in Australia is now!

Enrique Bialikaminen: "Costa Rica – the Postal Cards of 1923". Enrique had identified the number of issued cards and showed these.

Ross Towle: "Postal Stationery archival items of the American Bank Note Company". Ross showed his research on amazing archival material including interesting letters and messages to and from ABNC.

Finally two interesting exhibits were judged as an exercise:

"Aerogrammes of Iceland" and "Bahamas through the Reign of King George VI".

The exercise let to interesting discussions on subjects such as:

Treatment, over-franked items, use of philatelic material, non-reduces photocopies, the link between rarity and condition, title page content, missing references in title page and black and coloured die proofs.

The Postal Stationery Commission meeting was adjourned at 12.00 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Lars Engelbrecht (Denmark)



Minutes of the FIP Postal Stationery Commission meeting in Malaga, Spain at 1000 Hours 12 Oct. 2006

The meeting was called to order by Stephen Schumann at 1000 Hours. He felt privileged about the attendance of Michael Ho from Asia Federation, Georges Schild from Switzerland of European Federation. Enrique Biaalikamien of Costa Rica sent regretted not being able to come. Chairman Schumann said that secretary Erik Hvidberg-Hansen is recovering from surgery and doctor advised him not to travel to regain himself in the next few months. Also in attendance were FIP vice President Raymond Todd responsible for this commission and FIP vice President, Peter McCann for information purposes.

Since there was no election this year so the agenda was short. The minutes in Singapore 2004 have been sent to all delegates for approval. Chairman Schumann asked if there are any additions or corrections. The Belgium delegate proposed and seconded by Australian Singapore delegates that the minutes accepted. The minutes were accepted unanimously.

Chairman Schumann talked about questions about "Writing up an item for exhibits." When he was judging this week with Michael Ho, Jose Manuel Rodriguez and Hernani Carlos Matos, Chairman Schumann noted that a lot of exhibitors still wasted precious space repeating what is obvious. The cancellation is clear, but the exhibitors repeat it again. Spaces can be saved for additional items. It is advisable to put in new items and add new information. Certainly, important information of postal stationery is rates, paper, size, printing numbers known, inscription etc. John wholly agreed and said that it was practical and it happened in other classes as well. Exhibitors just don't like white spaces and want to fill them up.

For new business, Chairman Schumann indicated that there will be FIP Congress and commission election in 2008, so there will be one formal meeting of this commission in 2008. And there will be other informal meetings in 2008 world exhibitions, Vienna , Prague , Bucharest , and Tel Aviv. There will be various presenters on different subjects of this commission. If there is a need of a presentation, and PowerPoint, slides are needed, please be advised earlier so that complete preparation can be made. Two presentations were then followed:

Presentation 1 " The Letter Card of Denmark " by Lars Engelbrecht, DK

Presentation 2 "The Official Postal Cards of the Second Republic 1931 – 1939"

by Arturo Martin de Nicolas

During the presentations, questions were asked by FIP vice President Raymond Todd, Italian and Singapore delegates and were answered thoroughly by presenters, with related discussions among delegates.

The postal Stationery Commission meeting was then adjourned at 1200 Hours

Respectfully summated

Michael Ho (Chinese Taipei )

Secretary Pro-tempore


Commission meeting during the Washington 2006 World Philatelic Exhibition.

A meeting of the Commission will be held on 3 June from 12-2 PM, at the Washington Convention Centre. All interested postal stationery collectors are invited to attend. After a short business meeting there will be presentations by four outstanding exhibitors; Lars Engelbrecht on Danish Postal Cards, M. Yavuz Corapcioglu on Ottoman Postal Stationery, Robert Markowits on 7c, 9c and 90c US stamped envelopes and Hasse Brockenhuus von Löwenhielm on Jaipur Postal Stationery. Further information can be obtained from Stephen D Schumann.

The Agenda for this informal meeting will be as follows:

  • Call to order
  • Welcome
  • Introduction of Bureau members present and webmaster
  • Brief overview of activities since Singapore 2004
  • Short intermission (coffee/tea break)
  • Presentations as mentioned above
  • Questions
  • Adjournment

Minutes of the FIP Postal Stationery Commission meeting at the Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore, 1400 Hours, 1 September 2004.

     The meeting was called to order by Chairman Huggins at 1400 Hours and he welcomed all Delegates, Observers and Guests. He noted that Richard Knight and Paul Jensen, two stalwarts in the collection of postal stationery, had passed away recently and asked all present to stand for a moment in their memory.

     The Delegates being registered the following proxies were approved:
                                       Austria to Germany
                                       Chile to Colombia
                                       Cuba to Costa Rica
                                       Sweden to Denmark
                                       Viet Nam to Singapore
                                       France to Uruguay
                                       Indonesia to China Taipei
                                       Switzerland to Norway

     Chairman Huggins noted that numerous other proxies had been received after the deadline of 31 July 2004, and thus could not be accepted.

       The minutes of the Postal Stationery Commission meeting in Seoul Korea on 8 August 2002 were presented for approval. Mr. Hugo Goeggel of Colombia moved and it was seconded that they be approved. Approved unanimously.

     It was moved by Mr. Richard Hale of Singapore and seconded by Mr. Hugo Goeggel of Colombia, that the FIP Report for the period 2002-2004 be approved. Approved unanimously.

     The Commission Secretary, Mr. Erik Hvidberg-Hansen of Denmark, asked that delegates provide content for the Commission Newsletter. Reports of national activities are particularly welcome.

   The Commission website needs additional mini-displays and Dr. Ross Towle, Commission Webmaster, asked that pages be scanned and e-mailed to him at rosstowle@yahoo.com. Please send at 200 dpi or more.

     The Commission Chairman noted that there should be uniform application of the FIP judging criteria for presentation. Mr. Michael Ho of China Taipei, Mr. Enrique Bialikamien of Costa Rica and Dr. Salvario Imperato of Italy all agreed  that it is of great importance and that there should be agreement between all FIP postal stationery judges as to what is "good" and "bad".

     National activities were noted by the following countries

             Russia- A good tradition in collecting postal stationery and a new catalog has just been published on Russian postal stationery.

             United Kingdom- The Postal Stationery Society will be participating in STAMPEX in February of 2005, and it is expected that there will be over 100 frames of exhibits.

             USA- postal stationery is being shown at many national exhibitions and exhibits from outside the USA are accepted and encouraged.

             Singapore- A comprehensive survey of the issues of the reign of King George VI is being spearheaded by the Malaya Study Group.

               Denmark – a series of articles, in total 33, about postal stationery (types of ps, how to collect, to exhibit etc etc) written by Erik Hvidberg Hansen and Lars Engelbrecht has been published in the Danish Federations monthly, since 2002, and has stimulated the collecting of ps very much

The following future projects were proposed:
           FIP postal stationery seminar at ESPAMER 2005 and/or SPAIN 2006
           "Writing up an item" seminar at SPAIN 2006

     The election for the period 2004-2008 was then held and the following persons were elected:

               Chairman                Stephen D. Schumann (USA)
               Secretary                 Erik Hvidberg-Hansen (Denmark)
               Bureau Members    Enrique Bialikamien, FIAF (Costa Rica)
                                               Michael Ho, FIAP (Taiwan)
                                               Georges Schild, FEPA (Switzerland)

     Chairman Huggins noted that the past 25 years had been one of rapid growth in the Postal Stationery Commission as evidenced by only 29 Delegates in 1980, to 40 in 1996, and now 65 in 2004.

     Mr. Raymond Todd of Australia then gave a tribute to retiring Chairman Huggins, noting that he had done outstanding work as Chairman. Because of his untiring labors in the promotion, exhibition and judging of postal stationery, he truly deserves the title "Mr. Postal Stationery". A standing ovation was then given in tribute to Chairman Huggins.

     The Postal Stationery Commission meeting was then adjourned at 1550 hours.

Respectfully submitted,
         Stephen D. Schumann (USA)
         Secretary Pro-tempore

Minutes of the Postal Stationery Commission meeting in Seoul, 8 August 2002.

  • 1. Roll call of Delegates and Observers.

Argentina                Eliseo Otero

Australia                Raymond Todd, John Sinfield

China                      Li Jie

Hungary                  Czirok Denes

India                      Ajeet Singhee, Madhukar Jhingen

Italy                        Saverio Imperato

Latvia                     Raymonds Jonitis

New Zealand          Barry Scott

Pakistan                 Sued Imtiaz Hussain

Portugal                 Pedro Vaz Pereira

Russia                     Alexander Ilyushin

Sweden                   Hasse Brockenhuus von Löwenhielm

Switzerland            Kurt Kimmel

United Kingdom     Alan Huggins

Uruguay                  Cesar Jones

USA                        Stephen Schumann, Yuvaz Corapcioglu

  • 2. Apology.
  • Erik Hvidberg Hansen, Commission Secretary
    • 3. Welcome.
  • The Chairman welcomed Delegates, Observers and the FIP Board Member responsible for liasing with the Commission, Eliseo Reuben Otero.
    • 4. Approval of the Minutes of the meeting held in Madrid.
  • The Minutes of the meeting held on 13 October 2000 in Madrid (circulated in the 2001 Newsletter), were approved.
    • 5. Activity Report.
  • The Commission Activity Report to FIP (circulated with the 2002 Newsletter) covering the period October 2000 to-date was approved.
    • 6. Motions to FIP Congress.
  • The motions to be considered at the FIP Congress in Seoul were discussed.
    • 7. Reports from Delegates on National Activities.
  • The following reports and comments were recieved:-
  • ARGENTINA                  Greetings envelopes, tourist postcards and Official Service envelope issued

    AUSTRALIA                  Will hold National exhibition in Melbourne in October 2002 and another in Hobart, Tasmania in 2003 which will cover postal stationery, traditional and revenue classes. Have published the first section on Western Australia of a series of handbooks on Australian Postal Stationery, Tasmania is scheduled to follow.

    HUNGARY                      5th section of postal stationery catalogue published; usually 2 to 4 exhibits in National exhibitions.

    INDIA                              Greetings cards and envelopes issued by Post Office - can also be customised

    ITALY                              New catalogue published

    NEW ZEALAND              Volume 9 of catalogue to be published in 2002 - 2003; an exhibition with postal stationery to be held in Invergargill.

    PAKISTAN                       Catalogue published in 1999; c30 different advertisements and slogans now found on postal stationery; lottery card issued.

    PORTUGAL                     Seminar for jurors held during 2000; exhibits of postal stationery will be seen in Nations Cup competition.

    RUSSIA                             Catalogue of Advertising Letter-Sheets published; now have 5 exhibits at international level; 2 to 3 exhibits on average at national exhibitions.

    SWEDEN                         20 different items currently available

    SWITZERLAND              New Zumstein catalogue published; 3rd exhibition for postal stationery and postal history held

    TURKEY                           Considerable numbers of items beeing issued

    UNITED KINGDOM       Postal Stationery Society have published a booklet on Aerogrammes; Great Britain Philatelic Society are producing a handbook on Telegraph Stams and Forms; postal stationery part of regional Federation competition for 2002.


    URUGUAY                      Difficult to find new exhibits


    USA                    New Postal Card catalogue published; special section in Western Philatelic Library; 40 items issued in 2002, 10 in 2001; 10 - 12 exhibits at USPSS shows; Ray Todd invited as visiting judge.

    • 8. PHILAKOREA 2002.
  • The awards recieved in the postal stationery class are given separately; the distribution of medals beeing as follows:- Large gold 2; gold 6; large vermeil 9; vermeil 6; large silver 7; silver-bronze 1; bronze 1; 5 exhibits were awarded Special Prizes and 1 recieved Felicitations.
    • 9. FIP Matters.
  • President Knud Mohr reported that the WADP system had been adopted by 102 postal administrations covering c70% of FIP member countries. The Guidelines for the Nations Cup had been finalised and more questions for the quiz section were required.
    • 10. Future meetings.
  • No formal arrangements made for a meeting of the Commission in 2003.
    • 11. Presentations.
  • Two presentations were given as follows:-
  • "Methods of Collecting Postal Stationery" by Stephen Schumann, and "Exhibiting Postal Stationery" by Ray Todd. These presentations were well recieved and the Commission Chairman thanked both presenters on behalf of the Commission. A Copy of the handout from Ray Todd are attached.

                                                                                                                         Alan Huggins


    The Commission met at ESPANA2000.

    An open meeting of the Commission will be held at Belgica2000 on Friday 10AM June 15th. This is being organised by Luc van Tichelen and will consists of three short displays and an opportunity to visit the exhibits in the frames. Also Dr. A. Huggins will give a talk on "The Origins of Postal Stationery" as part of the Belgica2000 Seminar Series on Thursday June 14th in the Salle Edmond Struyf.


    Minutes from the Commission Meeting in Madrid, 13 October 2000.
    1. Roll call of Delegates end Observers.
    Argentina                  Enrique Rocasco                    Malaysia                 Sousay Anthony
    Australia                    Raymond Todd                       Netherlands             B Hellebrekers
    Austria                        Helmut Seebald                      New Zealand           Barry Scott
    Belgium                      Luc van Tichelen                    Portugal                  Pedro vaz Pereira
    Canada                       Ann Triggle                            Roumania                Leonard Pascanu
    Chile                          Martin Urrutia                         Russia                    Alexander Ilyushin
    Denmark                    Erik Hvidberg Hansen           Spain                      Jose Rodrigues
    Finland                        Jussi Tuori                             Sweden                   Lennart Daun
    France                         Jacques Foort                         Switzerland            Georges Schild
    Germany                    Hans-Georg Meissner            Taiwan                     Michael Ho
    Iceland                        Sigurdur Petursson                  United Kingdom      Alan K Huggins
    India                          Ajeet Singhee                          Uruguay                  Cesar Jones
                                                                                     USA                    Stephen Schumann
    The following Federations nominated Delegates but were not present at the meeting: China, Costa Rica, Emirates, Hungary, Hong Kong, Latvia, Luxembourg, Pakistan, Singapore, Slovenie and Thailand (also nominated proxy for Japan)
    The Observers present were: FIP Patrick Pearson, Australia Malcolm Groom and Jojn Sinfield, USA Ross Towle.
    Bolivia nominated Uruguay as proxy.
    Total voting Members present 25 + 1 proxy
    2.     Approval of the Minutes of the Milan meeting.
    The Minutes of the meeting held in Milan on 30 october 1998 (circulated in the January 1999 Newsletter) were approved.
    3.     Report to the FIP Board for the Madrid Congress.
    The Report to the FIP Board (dated July 2000) for the Madrid Congress was noted and approved.
    4.     Membership of the Commission.
    The following requests for membership of the Commission have been recieved from federations: Emirates, Hong Kong, Latvia, Pakistan, Paraguay and Slovenia.
    The following changes to Delegates to the commission have been recieved from Federations: Armenia - Samvel Ohanian, Chile -
    Martin Urrutia.
    5.     Proposals of the FIP Board for changes to the FIP Statutes and Regulations.
    The proposals (previously circulated and discussed with the members of the Bureau and federations) of the Fip Board were further discussed as follows:
    A.   That from 2004 (or earlier if the Commission wishes) Commission Bureaux would comprise a Chairman, a Secretary and 3 members each representing one Associate member of FIP (Continental Federations).
    B.   That medal levels awarded at FIP Exhibitions be reduced to Gold, Silver and Bronze.
    C.   That Promotional Members of FIP be entitled to vote.
    Noted that FIP Board had decided to shelve proposals B and C
    With regard to A the Commission confirmed that the Structure of the Bureau be 6, being drawn equally from the 3 Continental Federations, with the Chairman and Secretary being elected from within the Bureau.
    6. Commission SREV and Guidelines.
    The following amendment to the Postal Stationery SREV was proposed and accepted: SREV 3.2  Insert "5. Local Post Issues" to bring the Srev into lines with the Guidelines.
    The problem of unstamped items which do not come within the category of "Formula" items was discussed. Noted that:-
    i)               These may or may not be similar to normal stamped postal stationery
    ii)              There was a problem with many modern plastic items, boxes etc.
    iii)           Telegraph stamps and forms were not accepted by the revenue Commission. This can result in problems with unstamped forms
         if they are included in exhibits submitted in the postal stationer class.
    iv)            International Reply Coupons - have not been included under postal stationery SREV 3.4 since they do not bear stamp impressions but have from time to time been accepted as within the class for judging purposes.
    Agreed not to amend Guidelines at present but keep the situation under review.
    7. Election of President and Bureau.
    The following proposals were put forward by the FIP Observer, Patrick Pearson, for President of the Commission and 6 Bureau
    President: Alan K Huggins
    Bureau:    Erik Hvidberg Hansen (Denmark); Alexander Ilyushin (Russia); Cesar Jones (Uruguay); Hans-Georg Meissner (Germany); Stephen D Schumann (USA); and Raymond Todd (Australia); 
    The proposals were unanimousely accepted by the Commission.
    The President thanked the Commission for their continoued support and confidence, welcomed Alexander Ilyushin as new member of the Bureau, and paid testemony to the long standing contributionof the retiring Vice-President Salih Kuyas to the work of the Commission.
    NB! At the meeting of the Bureau which followed the Commission meeting Raymond Todd (Australia) was elected Vice-President, and Erik Hvidberg Hansen (Denmark) was elected Secretary.
    8. Accredited Team Leaders and Jurors.
    A list of Accredited Team Leaders and Jurors was distributed at the meeting and an updated version is published with these Minutes.
    9. Future events.
     It was agreed to hold Commission Meetings at BELGICA 2001 and PHILAKOREA 2001. The attention of members was drawn to the fact that the Berliner Ganzsachen Sammler Verein would celebrate its 100th Anniversary in February 2001 and that postal stationery would be featured at BEPHILA 2001, a regional exhibition wich was to be held in Berlin from February 8 - 11 2001.
    The Fourth Swiss Special Exhibition for Postal Stationery, GABRA IV, will take place from 23 - 25 September in Burgdorf.
    10 WEB site.
    The need to create a Web-site for the Commission was discussed and it was agreed to accept the offer of Ross Towle to co-ordinate information and produce a trial site. Alexander Ilyushin suggested a bibliography be produced and placed on the site. Suggestions for other material to be sent to Ross Towle (400 Clayton Street; San Francisco, CA 94117; USA)..
    11. Training materials.
    The STAMP SHOW 2000 featured a Collectors Information Centre which included displays designed to introduce a variety of collecting disciplines and photocopies of the postal stationery section were distributed to those present at the meeting.
    Stephen Shumann and Raymond Todd gave a seminar at the Providence, Rhode Island STAMPSHOW 2000 on 26 August and distributed a paper by Ray on "Postal Stationery, Some Collecting, Exhibiting and Judging Observations".
    12. Other Business.
    Luc van Tichelen (Belgium) requested advice on two points:-
    Must aerogrammes always be displayed in the Areophilatelic class? Answer they can be displayed in the Postal Stationer class as well.
    May "Coupons response International" be displayed in the Postal Stationery Class ? Answer yes but are likely to be considered rather limited in importance if evaluated competitively.
                                                                                                                                 Alan Huggins.
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
    Accredited jurors and team leaders.
    Accredited team leaders:
    Raymond Todd, Australia                                          Erik Hvidberg Hansen, Denmark
    Juhanni Pietila, Finland                                               Hans-Georg Meissner, Germany
    Manuel Portocarrero, Portugal                                    Kurt Kimmel, Switzerland
    Salih Kuyas, Turkey                                                    Stephen D Schumann, USA
    Alan K Huggins, United Kingdom                             Cesar Jones, Uruguay
    Accredited, jurors:
    Bernard Beston, Australia                                            Edric C Druce, Australia
    John Sinfeld, Australia                                                Otto Votava, Belgium
    Luc F van Tichelen, Belgium                                      Enriqua Bialikamien, Costa Rica   
    Kari R Rahiala, Finland                                                Jussi Tuori, Finland
    Jacques Foort, France                                                  Pierre Gobillot, France
    Istvan Gazda, Hungary                                                Prunandu Gupta, India
    Ajeet Raj Singhee, India                                               Maurizio Tecardi, Italy
    Robert D Samuel, New Zealand                                   Paul H Jensen, Norway
    Chang-Sung Lee, Rep of Korea                                   Choi Yo, Rep of Korea
    Alexander Ilyushin, Russia                                           Wing Hee Lu, Singapore
    German Baschwitz, Spain                                            Jose Manuel Rodrigues, Spain
    Hasse Brockenhuus von Löwenhielm, Sweden           Roland F Kohl, Switzerland
    Joseph E Foley, USA                                                    Horrace W Harrison, USA
    Kalman V Illyefalvi, USA                                             Mary Ann Jones, USA
    Roger C Schnell, USA                                                   Danforth W Walker, USA